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Technical SEO

Here at Impression, ongoing research and training is a huge part of how we keep our team up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world of technical SEO. We regularly share our thoughts on the latest digital news right here on our blog, so you can keep up to date too!

Find out more about our Technical SEO services, or browse our latest tips, advice and opinions below.

29 min read

The complete JavaScript SEO guide

In our complete JavaScript SEO Guide, we will uncover the important elements of JavaScript (also known as JS) that SEOs need to know about. We’ll talk about how Google crawls and indexes JavaScript, why it benefits both users as well as SEOs and most importantly, the details you’ve been looking for about JavaScript SEO best […]

16 min read

How to measure and improve page speed in 2023

10 min read

BrightonSEO: Our Round Up from March 2021

6 min read

Site Migration Tips

3 min read

Googlebot Will Crawl Sites Over HTTP/2

11 min read

Redirection: 301 & 302 Redirects

7 min read

The Ultimate JavaScript SEO Glossary

22 min read

How to do an SEO Audit – The Complete Guide

2 min read

Advanced & Practical Structured Data