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Alexis is our proprietary data monitoring platform

Alexis is used across all client account data at Impression. It’s a bespoke tool made by us, exclusively used across our retained client accounts. With Alexis, we intend to catch and alert every interesting performance detail in your account to ensure you’re always ahead of your competition.

One step ahead

We recognise that you want peace of mind that your media buying is safe with Impression. We also recognise that in the media industry, the unexpected can happen and so it’s important to stay ahead of any customer, market or competitor surprises. Ever wondered if your SEO performance is on trend? Did one of your audience segments experience a spike in demand and cost? Did your developer just drop the tracking code?

Alexis monitors, models and alerts based on client performance data across our portfolio, every morning and afternoon, so our teams can act on opportunities and identify emerging challenges as soon as they happen. It also monitors account hygiene factors and other attributes to ensure we’re always employing our best-known practices.

Alexis enables many benefits including but not limited to:


Unlocking more time for our teams to focus on valuable account growth and efficiency initiatives


Immediate identification of challenges, with quick resolutions


Better control of performance, cost and revenue spikes and variances

Current capabilities

At Impression, we data warehouse anonymous, privacy-safe performance data so that we can interrogate it to check for data quality issues, anomalies, errors and more.

Alexis is designed to enable our team to invest more of their time into strategic activities that will support your business’ growth, rather than time-intensive hygiene account checkups. We monitor your data every day of the week, giving you the peace of mind that your agency partner has a system in place to regularly monitor such issues.

The platform is under constant development and its current capabilities include:

  • Protecting end-user privacy by identifying potential PII data leaks 
  • Analysing week-on-week and rolling average metrics to understand and notice negative trends
  • Monitoring metrics to ensure they remain above or below set threshold values
  • Utilising machine learning to understand if daily and weekly results are anomalies based on previous performance
  • Alerting our client account teams when warnings or opportunities are generated by the data analysis

Our team has access to a bank of queries that we run against each client data set, off the shelf, but we also frequently write bespoke queries to look for specific results that we want to be alerted on, and against custom machine learning (typically regression) models. This is particularly useful when we combine your first-party business data with the automated account performance data in our data warehouse.

Alexis is currently only available to our retained clients.

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