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World-class tech and tools to take your brand to the next level

We’re driven by data and innovation. We build our own technology as well as partner with industry-leading tools that allow us to make smarter decisions, deliver better insights and maximise the returns on your digital investment.

Ahead of the curve

Processes, scripts and technologies that give your business a competitive edge.

We invest time and money into our technology. We use world-class tools to inform decision-making and achieve the best possible results for your business. We spend time building our own tools, writing our own scripts and crafting our own dashboards to power more effective digital marketing. And we even have an in-house tech team to help us make the most of third-party tools through API integrations and new connectors.

Is our proprietary data monitoring tool, exclusively used on Impression’s retained client accounts.

With Alexis, we catch and alert every interesting performance detail in your account to get you ahead of your competition. It unlocks more time for our team to invest in meaningful account growth activities, rather than time-intensive hygiene account checkups. We monitor your data every day, giving you peace of mind that you’re in good hands.

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Designed for SEOs by Impression’s SEOs, our free GPT-4 web app Oapy is available for public use.

It can generate content by using two different prompt modes. ‘Playground’ mode is suitable for testing and varied prompt engineering that you don’t need to scale, while ‘Multiple keywords’ is Oapy’s scaling feature. By utilising both, you can generate the best results.

It’s ideal for generating page titles, meta descriptions and category header copy, all while defining search intent (across commercial, informational, navigation, and transactional). Creating site content, such as blogs, service pages, and more, is incredibly timely. Oapy alleviates this pressure, freeing up your time so that you can focus on more strategic activities.

Generate content at scale

The SEO automation tool that allows you to conduct approximate string matching to match near-identical sets of data.

Fuzzzy is a Google Sheets script that uses fuzzy matching logic to locate near-identical datasets. Though simple in nature, its application in SEO means it dramatically improves the time required to match old URLs to new URLs across complex site migrations, something that was previously quite involved. It can also locate internal linking opportunities across your site, allowing you to pinpoint how content should be topically related to each other to improve discoverability and authority for users and search engines alike.

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Dynamic Ad Surfacer

Impression’s dynamic ad surfacer enables us to test design attributes related to product feed creatives to prove or disprove testing hypotheses relating to clickthrough rate and ROI.

Optimising product feed images on multiple platforms is difficult and repetitive, and not all image customisations are possible across each one. Additionally, resetting frames or stickers  can trigger learning phases to restart which means it takes longer for your ad’s performance to stabilise.

To overcome these challenges, we have created our own scalable solution, that we are utilising across our clients’ accounts, which gives us the ability to test multiple creative variants based on our own business logic. Compared to similar tools, our approach is a lower cost and a centralised option, ours is more dynamic and we are able to complete tests once centrally, rather than in individual platforms, for each of your products/ads, but without the enterprise platform overhead.

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Tap into the top trends

Never miss the opportunity to be reactive, responsive and on top of the latest trends. Our internal tool alerts us about the latest trends visible across multiple platforms straight to our Google Chat workspace.

Journalist Requests

Replying to journalist requests, like those sent via #journorequest across Twitter, requires a rapid response time to be successful. Our internal tool captures journalist and PR requests from across Twitter, to ensure your brand doesn’t miss out on key opportunities. Our method controls which keywords are included in the alerting system so they are always specific to your brand and industry.

Google Trends

Learn what’s trending across Google Search, Google News and YouTube. Frequent insights delivered to our Google Workspace throughout each week offers our team the ability to respond to emerging news stories and trends with commentary, research, reports and existing assets.

Sitemap Extraction Tool

Easy to use, our own-developed SEO tool supports XML sitemap files as well as sitemap index files. This enables you to extract URLs into a table through an intuitive interface.

Each URL is then listed alongside the sitemap it was sourced from (handy information when it comes to technical SEO auditing!) where you can then export to CSV for deeper analysis.

It can fetch thousands of sitemap URLs faster than paid-for solutions that are available on the market, allowing you to invest precious budget elsewhere.

There are many reasons why you should extract URLs from an XML sitemap:

  • Understand whether your XML sitemaps are referencing all your indexable and important URLs
  • Troubleshoot if non-indexable URLs are being referenced in your XML sitemaps
  • Understand how your XML sitemaps capture your other types of content beyond regular landing pages, from images and video to news and localised URLs.
  • Embellish your data when reviewing a site’s information architecture


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Industry-leading tools

In addition to our proprietary tools, we also leverage a whole range of third-party tools to help your brand achieve ambitious growth goals. These are just some of them.

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