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Impression’s Marketing Automation consulting, implementation and ongoing management services will enable you to have a market-challenging tech stack and implementation, a compelling execution of copy and templates, backed by strategy, and of course intelligent reporting.

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How marketing automation helps your business

Although it would seem sensible to spend resources and energy on marketing to existing customers and prospects, you would not be alone if you think your investments in CRM fall short of your competitors. With most companies we speak to, this is a huge growth opportunity for them, and we hope it can be for you too.

Companies large and small spend vast sums with often challenging targets on acquisition costs, but oftentimes neglect the most engaged segments available to them; customers and known prospects.

Automated marketing has the ability to increase your marketing efficiency and allows you to develop personalised experiences that drive growth. It saves time by automating tasks, delivers tailored messaging at scale, and allows accurate tracking of performance. It enhances lead generation and nurturing, ultimately increasing engagement.

How Marketing Automation works for you and your customers

The aim of all marketing communications to customers, via email, push or SMS should be to personalise each message or offer so that every email feels one-on-one. To achieve this, Marketing Automation starts with a solid, effective strategy where privacy-compliant data capture is at the heart of the businesses’ operations. With data, there is the ability to segment, learn and personalise, and this is how CRM / Marketing Automation strategies can add value to repeat customers. 

Add value to your prospects via email Marketing Automation

If your buying cycles are long, or complex or your product value is high, then it’s highly likely you could benefit from educating, reminding and helping your customers in making their purchase or enquiry decision. From initial data capture via a micro conversion, we can help you build an intelligent nurture journey that takes your prospects through to your end goal. 

Marketing automation services we offer

Whilst not every business needs a one-size-fits-all approach, many businesses’ approach to CRM Marketing Automation will have similar foundations. Whether you’re selling or onboarding software subscriptions, encouraging repeat ecommerce customer purchases, or nurturing a prospect into a large B2B deal, some of the following automated flows would help you.

Reducing abandonment

Are customers abandoning your online store’s cart? Or are you a B2B business with prospects leaving incomplete forms? With marketing automation, you can set up reminders that reengage customers and prospects to either finish a checkout or to complete forms, driving more leads and revenue for your business.

Post-purchase experience

No customer or client likes to feel abandoned after a recent purchase. Having a robust post-purchase experience, such as a welcome, onboarding or thank you series, can help build retention and loyalty for your brand. This can range from a simple ‘thank you’ to an entire onboarding process for a piece of software, they have invested in.

Replenishment reminders

Does your product or service have pre-launch, or frequently go out of stock? If this happens across your service set or catalogue, you might find it helpful to offer prospects and customers a handy reminder to purchase when available.

Customer cleanup and sunset

List size is a vanity metric, as only growing your engaged subscribers should be one of your key measures of success. We work with our clients to understand how we can help eventually reduce communications with, or even totally remove unengaged prospects and one-time customers so that you only communicate an appropriate amount with them.

Lifecycle flows

Recurring automated flows, like birthdays, anniversaries and annual gifting are a great, and importantly, helpful way to offer value to your customers, either through being a helpful reminder or through offering financial incentives.

Email campaigns

Whilst strictly not an automation, of course, you can’t forget campaigns and solus emails comprising an important part of your email marketing strategy! Oftentimes, in ESPs where there is a lot of automation already set up, mailing one-time offers and reminders is a lot more efficient as you have your segmentation all set up and ready to go.

Our approach to marketing automation

As a CRM & marketing automation agency, we aim to act as a partner that can leverage your data as much as possible to drive the desired results for your business. However, we’re transparent about everything we do with your data. You own your data and we only want to add value to your business. To outline what our approach to marketing automation looks like at Impression, here’s everything you need to know:


You own your data


We look to integrate your CRM as much as possible


We’re platform agnostic


We’re on an incremental journey to digital marketing “maturity”


We aim to automate everything we can


We work with specialists where it’ll drive the best results for you


We’re partners and only want to add value to the team, not take anything away

Platforms we work with

Klaviyo Partner

We’re a Klaviyo Partner. Although we can, and have, worked across a number of marketing automation platforms, most of our marketing automation consulting experience is on Klaviyo due to the incredible feature set for the mid-market price point.

If you approach Impression looking to get started with Marketing Automation, of course our platform recommendation will be based on your current systems, tech stack, price point and more.

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