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Maximise your digital investment with smart media planning and buying backed by data and experience

Our media planning service utilises a multi-channel approach to digital marketing. Drive ROI through effective media buying and deliver impactful messages to your target audience at the right place and time.

Our approach to media planning

Media planning maximises the return on investment from digital and paid media activity. Creating a media plan can be a dynamic process involving many variables. An effective plan requires a detailed analysis of industry and market data, including competitor activity.

Our dedicated strategy and solutions team has access to third party research data, industry insights and analytics specialists who can interrogate first party data, to ensure that budget laydowns are deliverable and pin down the following:

  • Where your audience is addressable online
  • What frequency ads should run per channel throughout the campaign
  • How can you make the most of your media spend

A media plan is the actionable element of an overall digital strategy spanning both organic, earned and paid media. We take the time to understand you and your business, identify opportunities within the media mix and analyse first & third-party data to determine the most effective channels and timeline. Ensuring that your campaign’s message reaches your target audience at the right time and place.

Harness a wide range of digital channels

At Impression, our media planning considers a combination of digital activities within the media mix. Whilst our digital strategy & solutions team are the core brain behind any campaign, our performance teams are formed of industry experts with a wealth of experience across paid media, owned media and earned media.


Utilising a full suite across Google Ads and Microsoft Ads combined with effective account management, be at the forefront of search engines with paid search. Creating high performing campaigns across Search Shopping, Display, and Video, you can drive more sales at a profitable CPA.

The value of paid social media advertising cannot be understated. Across multiple platforms, marketers recognise the revenue and reach potential of social channels. With an extensive list of targeting options , you can engage the right audience at the right time in their journey, introduce your product to a new audience or re-engage existing customers.

Programmatic allows us to buy media at scale for clients in order to generate reach and conversions by targeting users across the web. Reach new audiences based on their interests, browsing history and demographics.

By developing a creative content strategy, become a thought leader within your industry through highly-effective blogs and organic social media. Content marketing is ideal for growing organic audiences, building deeper connections with current audiences and capturing data to better harness paid media.

Focused on creating positive, tactical and influential messages and distributing across the web. Digital PR helps you generate important backlinks to your site whilst providing the opportunity to win positive earned media from reputable online publications.

Search engines are the front page of the internet for all user search terms. Making sure that you rank well not only means that more traffic is driven to your site, but it also provides the opportunity for greater conversions. A strong technical foundation will ensure that both your owned and earned media delivers the traffic your site deserves.

Build reach, engagement and brand sentiment with premium advertorials and sponsored content that doesn’t take away from the platforms intended experience. Sponsor articles written by in-house journalists or feature your own articles on reputable news and media sites.


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