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12 min read

The AIDA Model in Marketing: Uses & Examples

The AIDA model can be applied to help businesses really understand their customer journey, whether that be online or offline. Learn more about what this means for marketing communications here.

6 min read

Improving paid search performance with micro-conversions

11 min read

What’s new in Paid Media: February 2024 industry updates

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What’s new in PPC: January 2024 industry updates

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International PPC campaigns: How to succeed in 2024

31 min read

Bing vs Google: Search Engine Comparison 2024

5 min read

What’s new in PPC: December 2023 industry updates

8 min read

What’s new in PPC: October 2023 industry updates

1 min read

Impression shortlisted for 8 UK Search Awards

9 min read

Planning for the peak selling season

7 min read

What’s new in PPC: August 2023 industry updates