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Behavioural Science Consulting

Integrating behavioural science, strategy, and technology to solve business challenges

Business challenges come in all shapes and sizes. The key to solving these challenges lies in the simple truth that most challenges revolve around human behaviour and what makes people tick.

How behavioural science consulting helps your business

Behaviour science for businesses looks to provide insights that combine human psychology and business needs.

Methods such as nudge marketing can subtly guide a user to take a certain action, but that’s only one aspect of behavioural science. Brands may look to increase the number of purchases a customer makes more frequently, reduce the number of returns, allow users to manage services effectively, or build a deeper emotional impact when advertising through certain channels.

All of the above challenges focus on people. This is because marketing is at its very core psychology and its success depends on encouraging people to adopt certain behaviours.

Behavioural science services we offer

We work across a wealth of different types of businesses to help furnish their teams with the latest thinking.


We work with businesses like yours to help them understand key goals and the types of behaviours required for success. By hosting workshops and stakeholder interviews, we can map out what is required for project success.

Behavioural research

Behavioural research aims to map the landscape in which certain audience behaviours take place. By building an understanding of the target audience, their motivations, friction points and mental models, we can better understand and identify opportunities to influence behaviour.


As part of our behavioural science consulting, we devise the strategy and framework that will be used and tested in order to influence behaviour. Our team will draw up the schedule for the interventions and planning assets that may need to be created. This, in turn, plays into our wider digital marketing strategy offering.


The intervention usually takes the form of a series of experiments or trials to investigate different opportunities to change behaviour; these can be everything from optimising copy, to gifting customers with incentives with their first purchase, for example. After extensive testing, winning interventions are rolled out to a full audience.


Throughout the process, measurement is applied to understand the state of play before and after the inventions to make sure that there is a tangible change in behaviour and a return on investment.

Our approach to Behavioural Science

We believe that there are two facets to encouraging people to adopt a behaviour. This is to motivate someone to take action or to make the behaviour easier.

We use a wealth of tools to hone in and triangulate insights as to why a behaviour is occurring or not. This usually involves a  COM-B analysis to figure out where any blockers are likely to be. We then qualify the behaviour against the behavioural science matrix.


A wide range of behavioural science challenges fall into the optimise category. Whereby a behaviour is already being adopted to some degree and the business to to increase the amount of people undertaking this action.


If a behaviour isn’t being widely adopted but the action is deemed to be simple enough then this a persuasion challenge. We use a number of different models to figure out the right behavioural lever to motivate the target population to adopt the behaviour.


If a behaviour is too difficult or perceived to be too difficult then we may look to simplify the behaviour and boost the target population's self efficacy.


If marketing communication or a website isn't persuasive and the behaviour being requested is too difficult for most individuals. We would take into account the overall situation and create an entirely new version that is retested and designed to ensure it impacts the target audience.

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