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Develop audiences, capture data and build top of funnel marketing campaigns

Full-funnel marketing is an essential tactic amongst businesses looking to grow now and in the future. Investing in those tactics which build top-of-funnel interest today can reap huge rewards further down the line, giving your business an ever-increasing pool of potential new custom.

Content Marketing Campaigns

Content marketing by Impression calls on our vast knowledge across a wide range of marketing tactics. You can expect our content marketing campaigns to cleverly dovetail with any existing activities you’re managing yourself or through your partners, whilst also capitalising on SEO, digital PR and paid media knowledge across our team to get the best return for your investment.

Campaign Ideation

The detail of your content marketing campaign will depend on your goals and aspirations. Our content marketing specialists work closely with you to understand your KPIs and craft effective strategies to meet them.

Concept Optimisation

Your initial campaign idea is assessed for its potential benefits to ensure we get as much value from it as possible. Expect our SEO team to optimise content, our digital PR team to help find the news hooks and our paid media team to ensure everything is trackable.

Design & Build

Your content marketing campaign can be anything from a simple content hub right through to a large scale interactive asset or tool; depending on your needs, we can brief your internal design/dev resource or use our own to deliver in the format best for you.


Content optimised for search, promoted through paid media and outreached through digital PR provides the best return on your investment, ensuring no promotion channels are left on the table. The aim here is to build – and keep building – audiences for your brand.

Content Marketing Services

Our content marketing service focuses on two core KPIs: audience expansion and data capture.

This means that content marketing is ideal for any business looking to:

  • Grow into new audiences
  • Build a larger pool of proven audiences
  • Create audiences for paid social and display remarketing
  • Capture social data for organic social and paid social ads
  • Capture email data for email marketing and the creation of lookalike audiences
  • Get more value from SEO content tactics
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What does content marketing cost?

We charge all of our services at a flat day rate. Therefore, the cost of your content marketing campaign will depend on the complexity and how long it will take to design, develop, and promote your content.

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