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Discover the key to connecting with your audience and customers through research services

Without a leading user research agency to guide you, uncovering data that is truly meaningful to your digital strategy can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. From audience understanding through to web traffic and sentiment analysis, we’ll help you to unlock comprehensive insights and arm you with the information you need to make better business decisions.

How user research services help your business

User research and insight should be at the heart of your digital strategy and inform every level of your decision-making process.

Whilst gut feeling has its place in marketing, it can be a big risk to take without the right research data to back it up. And when it comes to modern digital design and experiences, it’s about finding the right balance between the subjective and the objective – the human and the data.

As an experienced user research agency, we can get you closer to your customers and their motivations. By understanding what drives users behaviour and any friction points or blockers we can help you to build digital experiences that your customers will love. Partner with us to create experiences that will generate revenue and retain users, giving your business long-term financial success.

User research services we offer

We partner with a diverse range of businesses from across a multitude of industries to provide you with the latest research intelligence.

UX research

Gain a deep understanding of how and why your users behave as they do. We use tools like heatmaps, clickmaps, UX Lab studies, usability testing, checkout surveys, card sorts and treejack testing to gather a wealth of insights aimed at boosting website performance and conversions.

Creative research

We understand that creative impact drives marketing communication performance. Utilising the latest saliency testing, AI, and implicit panel testing research, we can uncover the subconscious level at which creative resonates (or not) with its target audience. By putting your early ideas and concepts in front of your target market we can help to trial your ideas and refine creative executions, boosting emotional engagement and reaction.

Goal-directed user behaviour can be adapted so people have the motivation to continue with a desired action. By adopting the latest behaviour science research techniques, we can understand how goal-directed behaviours of different audiences are formed and leverage these insights prior to testing. This involves in-depth scientific modelling, detailed context and personality profiles, consumer touchpoints, and more.

Market Research

We help brands orient themselves in the marketplace by gaining an understanding of their target audience with brand tracking, market research surveys and focus groups to understand how people perceive your brand and your marketing communications.

Our approach to user research

We understand that research needs to move at the speed of business.  High-quality research helps businesses to make the right decisions in a timely fashion.

We use a blended quantitative and qualitative approach which helps to establish what is happening and why it is happening. This then puts us in a place to understand how best to act in order to produce the best possible outcomes for our clients. 

Quantitative research

We have a full research suite including experimentation software, Userlytics, Hotjar, Attention Mapping Software, Optimal Workshop and other platforms that allows us to perform in-depth statistical analysis with both parametric and nonparametric data sets. We gain understanding of the relationships and correlations between different types of behaviours and deliver the right outcomes for your business.

Qualitative research

Delivering the ‘why’: why are users drawn to certain digital experiences, and what influences their choice of brands and purchases? Qualitative research is all about uncovering the mental models and short-hand thinking people use when making decisions, unearthing rich real-world insights from your customers in their own words.

Generative research

Creating new ideas, concepts and thinking. This type of research is aimed at surfacing customer thinking and growth potential. This type of research can innovate new products and services. This involves workshop style sessions with customers and clients as well as experimentation to understand opportunities to create value.

Diagnostic research

Research that is designed to examine a digital experience to understand how it can be optimised. This could take the form of Google Analytics analysis or user research studies. The goal here is to streamline an idea or marketing communication that already exists.

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