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Take control of your website and user data collection with our full-service tag management solutions

Effective web platform tag management allows digital marketers to easily capture and process rich page, event and user data and send it to all destinations. Our experts can support you in setting up and managing server-side tagging through the platform of your choice, with bespoke tag and analytics or advertising platform pixel configurations tailored to your needs.

Our approach to tag management

When it comes to tag management, we are platform agnostic. Many of our clients use Google Tag Manager or Google Tag Manager 360, however we have experience across a variety of enterprise platforms including Adobe Launch/Experience Platform and Tealium iQ.

We cover both the consultation and implementation of your tagging solution, including platform set up, developer briefing and liaison throughout the deployment phase, and then ongoing management for brands with complex needs or a high volume of campaign-specific tagging.

In addition to client-side tagging we have plenty of experience in implementing server-side tagging solutions which can mitigate some data quality issues by preventing data loss caused by the reliance on third party cookies. We can help you understand if this is something you could benefit from.

Tag management solutions

Are you unsure if you could benefit from a tag management solution?

Tags simply refer to each of the pixels or JavaScript trackers which your marketing or insights team will already be heavily reliant on to understand your customers’ behaviour on your website. These tags might belong to advertising platforms, analytics platforms or even customer platforms, such as CRMs or Customer Data Platforms, among many other tools for visitor identification, personalisation, testing or user tracking.

There are a huge number of platforms which might need editing, adding or removing regularly. Rather than these tags being implemented directly into your website’s code, a tag management container will mean only one piece of code needs coding into your website, and there’s then a handy interface for managing all of the tags in, without a reliance upon your IT or development team. This container can then be managed either in-house or with agency support.

Additionally, some analytics products, such as Google Analytics, will benefit from a server-side tagging solution where its operations are brought into “first party” scope (i.e. operating on the same domain, via a subdomain). This prevents some data loss through internet privacy initiatives which affect third party cookies. Other solutions, such as Adobe Analytics via Experience Cloud mitigate this already through their enterprise only approach.

At Impression, we offer a range of solutions for vendor agnostic server-side tagging, including:


Installation & setting up server-side tagging for businesses


Configure server-side tagging to maximise first-party data


Migrate businesses from one tag management system to another


Manage new or existing containers within a tag management system

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Tag management use cases

Your first-party data is important to you and you will want to maximise its effect – that’s why all of our data and analytics solutions are bespoke to precisely suit your brands’ needs. Here are a few example use cases. Get in touch if you need help identifying your specific needs.

Paid Advertising Tracking

When investing in paid advertising, platforms like Google, Meta, Bing, Twitter and LinkedIn provide you with their events/tags/pixels in order to track activities. With a complex set of events registered in a tag management container, these specific events and conversions can be distributed to all platforms via the same triggering logic.

User behaviour tracking

One key benefit of implementing a powerful data layer for interfacing with tag management solution is that you can pick up on specific user attributes in addition to page attributes, such as whether a user is known or logged in. This can then be used to exclude certain tags firing, or pushed into data platforms for segmentation in reporting.

Mirroring Across Analytics Packages

It can be a challenge to aggregate data across analytics platforms into one usable dashboard. Data can be reflected from multiple tag management platforms such as Omniture, Snowplow and Adobe Experience Cloud into one platform of your choice for better data visualisation.

Ecommerce Analytics

Combine data from your tag management platform with your data layer and analytics platform to uncover information such as currency codes or product batch information, which can then be used to optimise user journeys, plan your stock levels and improve conversion rates.

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