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The Google Marketing Platform offers Unified Advertising and Marketing Analytics for advertisers

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Google Marketing Platform Solutions

At Impression, we have access to the Google Marketing Platform 360 tech stack, covering Google’s premium advertising, testing and analytics platforms. We utilise enterprise ad tech to run the largest of digital advertising campaigns at scale and across multiple platforms, and to understand your customers, and their complex website and app journeys.

Data products

We can help you utilise the Google Marketing Platform 360 tech stack to collect, analyse and visualise your customers and your data.

Ideal for enterprise-level business – track and measure data on scale to gain valuable insights. Take your analytics to the next level with deeper, in-depth reports, customer attribution tools, access to data warehousing, and more with Google Analytics 360’s range of advanced analytics

Create bespoke dashboards and reports to visualise your analytics. Connect a wide variety of data sources into Looker Studio – including Google BigQuery – build in-depth dashboards and reports to display information in order to make better data-driven decisions.

Enhance your tracking and measurement capabilities. Google Tag Manager allows you to manage and implement tags, which are snippets of code onto your website without having to modify the base site code. It streamlines your user behaviour tracking process, therefore making your analytics easier to measure.

Advertising products

For brands and advertisers, Google Marketing Platform offers three unified advertising products covering search, display and video, with centralised trafficking and reporting through Campaign Manager.

Manage large search marketing campaigns, including complex feed-driven inventory campaigns, in real-time with ease across multiple search engines. Large campaigns can become extremely difficult to manage, Search Ads 360 ties it all together in one place, providing you with a clear overview of performance across all channels and more.

Gain better control and oversight of your digital media campaigns across all networks and device platforms. Manage assets of individual campaigns, report on performance metrics, and understand how your users interact with your campaigns, all from one platform.

Run highly-targeted paid display & video campaigns across multiple publishers. Display & Video 360 allows for greater access, collaborations and visibility across teams when it comes to creative, data, and media management – providing automated bidding and inventory insights via machine learning.

Complete Marketing Platform Stack

With the power of the full Google Marketing Platform you can also unify your advertising and data practices with your customer experience design, through the following conversion rate optimisation platforms:

Design and creative custom surveys to gather valuable qualitative and quantitative insights from your target audience. Surveys are an intelligent solution for you to make smarter, informed decisions.

Data-based A/B testing solutions for your website. Test, track and report using optimisation tools in order to develop websites with increased conversion rates that offer the best digital experience for your customers.

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