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Expansion of our CRO offering

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

We’re delighted to welcome CRO consultant Richard Chapman, previously director of web and conversion at Lichfield-based agency ClickThrough Marketing, to Impression.

CRO (conversion rate optimisation) is a powerful tactic that drives more conversions for every website visitor. The aim of CRO is to take a data-driven, experiment-led approach to maximising conversion rates – making businesses more money as a result.

Impression has been delivering CRO informally since our incorporation in 2012. This announcement marks the development of this offering to a new level, with Rich bringing specific expertise and proven experience in driving more conversions per click.

The cross-channel benefits of CRO

CRO is most commonly used in conjunction with other digital marketing tactics, because its aim is to maximise the value of visitors – so it makes sense, when growing visitor numbers through channels like SEO, paid media and digital PR, to invest in CRO at the same time.

Of course, this doesn’t solely apply to digital channels. Businesses with omni-channel marketing strategies – including events, TV advertising, leaflet drops, bus adverts, billboards, radio ads and so on – will also benefit from CRO because the intent is to optimise the user’s journey to encourage more of the desirable behaviours, such as making a purchase after seeing those ads.

Then there’s the benefit to the user; because CRO focuses on optimising user journeys, an investment in CRO will have the added benefit of making your whole website experience, and therefore interaction with your brand, much better for your customers and potential customers.

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