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Modern marketing data stack

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How can a modern marketing data stack help your business?

The effectiveness of your marketing relies heavily on the right quantity and quality of privacy-compliant, robust data driving your efforts. A modern marketing data stack allows you to meticulously track, activate, measure, and analyse your efforts, empowering you to effectively pinpoint, engage, and convert prospects into loyal customers.

Stakeholders seek access to a comprehensive range of valuable data at all times, including both first-party and third-party data from traditional and digital channels, to establish a unified singular customer view

This supports you in tackling challenges such as constraints on mobile device tracking, the phasing out of third-party cookies, and the ever-expanding landscape of privacy and regulatory requirements. A robust marketing data stack comprises various software solutions tailored to gather, process, and store data.

Marketing data stack services we offer

Our teams are well-versed in advertising technology, marketing technology, cloud marketing SaaS vendors and Google Cloud. We’d love to talk to you more about your specific challenges – please get in touch if you think we can help.

Modern Measurement

Modern marketing requires sophisticated media measurement. As consent and privacy legislation come into effect, you need privacy-safe analytics which allows you to access the insights you need. Modern measurement consists of effective modelling and testing, including Media Mix Modelling and Incrementality testing.

Customer Data Platform

CDPs provide you with a unified single customer view and can allow you to enrich your customer data. From this, you can leverage this data by inserting it back into your business applications (reverse ETL) to develop better customer and personalised marketing experiences (identity resolution).

Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence

Implement robust enterprise-level solutions and testing protocols to construct a comprehensive digital data strategy tailored for large-scale corporate entities. This involves employing advanced techniques, software, and tools such as ETL solutions, cloud computing, and data visualisation, alongside integrating and modelling data effectively. Guarantee the quality and seamless integration of your enterprise’s technology infrastructure to accommodate larger, intricate databases.

Gain access to cleaner, insightful data

With better data, your business will be more able to leverage efficiencies and grow through superior advertising, digital experiences and overall growth strategy.

Better data means better audiences, better targeting and ultimately better ads. We help you connect your first-party data sources, both online and offline to your advertising platforms so you can make the most of the hard-won customer data you hold. Build new audiences for exclusions and to find lookalikes.

Leverage a greater first-party identity graph across both email marketing automation and conversion rate optimisation through personalisation and user-level experimentation. Understand what makes your customers tick and what motivates them to engage and ultimately shop with you. Personalisation can take the form of 1-2-1.

Leverage the full potential of your data. Build a strategy that is based on rich data and insight – and uncover recommendations that are measurable through a defined testing methodology. Discover the true LTV of your customers and optimise the value of your media channels through bespoke modelling.

Our approach to modern marketing data stack

We consult with your marketing and/or product teams to tie together the platforms necessary to build robust data pipelines in both cloud-connected data warehouses and your favourite SaaS vendors — and importantly — make the most of it.   

Driven by regulatory change and technological advancements, we’re seeing many more mid-market and enterprises build advanced marketing capabilities by connecting their disparate data with their marketing and digital experience efforts in a privacy-safe manner. 

Conversely, we’re seeing businesses that have collected multitudes of data points but aren’t able to activate them quickly enough to make the exercise worthwhile.

We can help you make sense of the options and benefits to you, in each of these scenarios.

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