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Impression enlists VWO as preferred CRO tech partner

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

Following the launch of our new CRO service offering in October 2020, Impression has been searching for a suitable tech provider to partner with for running CRO campaigns and a/b testing. We understand the importance for our clients to have a robust and secure technology platform to install onto their websites. With this in mind, VWO was the standout choice, with the all in one CRO platform allowing site research, project management and testing all in one tool. 

This partnership will enable our CRO team to give UX insights and create testing hypotheses for our clients based on high quality data and user information. This will increase our chances of winning a-b tests for our clients and help to improve their conversion rates and growth. 

For clients receiving CRO from Impression, multiple a/b tests can be undertaken to find out what really works for our clients and their users. From here on in we will know for sure if website changes and updates will be successful prior to deploying to the live environment.

VWO’s head of sales for UK & Europe, Deepak Lamba said:

It’s really great to be partnering with Impression’s CRO team who are building a strong CRO service with our technology behind them

This is an exciting development for Impression as a CRO agency, one that will allow a new key service to be built on a solid foundation of expertise, experience and high end technology for our clients.