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How to power up your website copywriting to increase conversions

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

Web copy has many uses, the most important of which is for users to digest and learn about your products or services. This is not always the first reason in mind though when web copy is written, search engines, paid search quality score and the company it’s for can all take precedence over user first copywriting.

This can leave your site lacking in web copy that really speaks to your user base. Power words trigger an emotional response in the reader, this can be positive or negative. Our objective is to use power words to nudge our user towards a conversion or at least keep them engaged. Here are a few power words that can help you quickly boost engagement with your users.


Using the word “your” in copy instead of “the” or “it” helps to tie the product to the user and create thoughts of them using it. For example:

“The new Lawn Mower 5000 glides across the grass effortlessly”

“Your new Lawn Mower 5000 will glide across your grass effortlessly”

This really helps create images of users using the product you are trying to sell to them. And helps ease them into conversion.


“My” creates a similar, but even more powerful reaction to “Your” because “my” creates feelings of ownership tying the product even closer to the user. It is harder to work into web copy but you can use it on calls to action effectively. For example “Buy my subscription” or “Add to my basket”.


The word “because” makes us listen and focus that little bit more because……. seeeee, we know that there is a reason coming next which we have a need to know, to understand the context of the content or statement. It gives us the why of something which makes the brain make decisions, whether to buy or whether not to, we must have a reason.


“Instantly” involves gratification and speed. The faster something is delivered to you that you are buying online, the better. Who likes to wait longer? No one. This alleviates any user anxiety of waiting time and conveys the user’s productivity is sped up as a result. Let’s look at an example:

1/ “Get your free copy of our ebook by signing up today”

2/ “Instantly get your free copy of our ebook now”

Both are strong statements, but number two has the addition of speed covered.


No one likes to miss out on free stuff so the very mention of something free creates a little bit of FOMO (fear of missing out) and urgency. If you can offer something free for a limited time this becomes very compelling for the user.


Since the rise of consumerism, we all like to have the latest new thing. Some industries do this better than others, mobile phone, car and apparel being high up at driving new desire. This is what the word “new” does, creates desire in the user. A good way to make them want your product that little bit more.

Top Tip

Web copy written internally by business stakeholders can sometimes not be user friendly. Web copy can contain jargon, acronyms and talk too much about the company rather than what the company’s product or service can do and solve for the user. Make sure all users’ pain points and FAQs are addressed and USPs are presented in a way that helps the user solve their issue or improve their life or job.

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