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Enhanced Ecommerce & Advanced Web Tracking

Helping businesses that use complex or bespoke ecommerce technology to extract valuable shopping behaviour data

Enhanced ecommerce and advanced web tracking enable marketers to better understand complex shopping behaviours.

Advanced tracking and enhanced ecommerce solutions

Whether yours is a multi-national ecommerce brand seeking better conversion rates and greater customer lifetime values, or a local retailer looking to increase online sales, we can help. Our solutions are created bespoke to each business, but the examples below provide an indication of the kind of work we do:

Achieve more clarity of data and more usable reports. Our team has helped businesses set up, merge and manage Google Analytics implementations to surface data in the most comprehensive, useful way.

Shopping Behaviour Analysis

Increase transactions per customer, revenue, conversion rates and lifetime value. By improving your access to shopping behaviour reports, our team empowers you to make data-driven decisions that drive results.

Effective reporting is a powerful tool, both for informing strategies and for proving the value of marketing campaigns. We’ll help you manage your data using Google Looker Studio to create succinct, usable reports for all stakeholders.

Internal Marketing Promotions

Track the results of marketing promotions such as coupons, leaflets and affiliate discounts without the need to rely on (often unreliable) UTM tracking, by using GA’s tracking capabilities instead.

Our approach

As an award winning digital marketing agency, we’ve worked with a wide range of ecommerce businesses to deliver powerful marketing strategies, underpinned and proven by data analytics.

If you want to better understand the effect of your activities, improve your tracking abilities and extract user information to make better decisions in the future, we can help.

Our services are best suited to businesses that:

  • are integrating enhanced ecommerce or shopping behaviour reports for the first time
  • are going through change and introducing new technologies like enhanced ecommerce
  • already have a reporting solution in place but it’s not giving you the data you need

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