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JavaScript Analytics

Analytics solutions for websites using javascript or SPAs

Our specialist analytics team works with a wide range of technical implementations to find the best solution on a bespoke basis. Achieve greater reporting capabilities and seamless data integrations; get in touch to discuss your needs today.

Javascript / SPA Analytics Solutions

While javascript libraries and SPAs like ReactJS, Angular and VueJS are getting better at passing data through to analytics platforms like Google Analytics, their capabilities are still limited and only tend to work when using the built-in routing.

If yours is a business using javascript and single-page applications to deliver specific user experiences and you want to surface valuable data about how your users behave, we can help.

Your business has its own specific requirements. The data you want to extract and the way you want to report will be intrinsically tied to your business goals and stakeholder requirements.

That’s why we deliver custom analytics solutions. But to help you understand the kind of work we do, we’ve shared some examples below:


Javascript / SPA Analytics Solutions

Often javascript is used to interrupt shopping journeys to benefit the user. Our client was an online ticket booking tool where users had to make a seat selection via a process embedded between two javascript SPAs. We used a combination of custom metrics to store product data through a GTM data layer integration to push virtual page views and therefore surface valuable user journey data.


User Journey Interruptions Through Javascript SPAs

The trend for the use of javascript in ecommerce is continuing, with JS enabling smoother user journeys through large ecommerce stores. Through teamwork with in-house development teams, use of our own award-winning SEO and development knowledge and GTM data layer integration, we create seamless shopping behaviour reports upon which optimisation decisions can be made.

Javascript SEO and Technical Implementation

SEO is a key consideration when utilising javascript / SPAs.

As is the technical implementation of javascript; get it right, and it can create seamless user journeys and effective UIs, but get it wrong and you risk decreasing your visibility in the search results pages and hindering user journeys (leading to reduced conversion rates).

Our analytics team sits within our wider SEO team, meaning we call on technical SEO knowledge as well as the support of our in-house web development team to ensure that your javascript / SPA solution has been implemented correctly.

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