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Responsive Search Ads Are Now Available In All Microsoft Advertising Interfaces

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

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After a successful open beta running since September 2019, Microsoft Ads have decided to roll out the responsive search ads globally to all advertisers. RSAs make creating and testing ads easier by matching the most optimal combinations of headlines and descriptions to show more text and more relevant messages to the customers. This means that all you need to do is provide up to 15 different headlines, 4 different descriptions & the URL and Microsoft Ads will do the rest for you.

In terms of the results, according to Microsoft, on average the advertisers have seen an uplift in volume by 10%, a 6% increase in CVR, and also a 7% decrease in CPA which shows that it’s definitely worth testing them out!

All advertisers can now create Responsive Search Ads through Microsoft Advertising UI, Microsoft Advertising Editor, or with the Microsoft Advertising API.

Creating RSAs in Microsoft Advertising Editor

Key things & best practises for RSAs 

One of the key things to know about RSAs is that they can bundle current ad copy content within the existing ad group that contains two or more ads, to generate one (or more) responsive search ads for that ad group. Also, to save time it is recommended to directly import your RSA campaigns by using Google Import, which you can do either from the website’s interface or through Microsoft Advertising Editor.

Importing ads from Google Ads into Microsoft Ads


In terms of best practices for RSAs, there are a few things that Microsoft recommends:

  • Create at least one responsive search ad within existing ad groups with at least 2-3 expanded text ads. If you have ad groups with a huge number of ads, try to limit it to 5 or less for optimal performance
  • Create at least 8-10 short and long headlines for maximum utilisation on any device
  • Make sure that at least 2 of the titles are closely related to your keywords
  • Use at least one brand title and a dynamic keyword insertion 
  • Create as clear and relevant content as possible. Avoid any repetitive language, include a clear call to action and any information about your delivery or return policies.
  • Avoid pinning headlines 
  • Combine RSAs with auto-bidding strategies for better target optimisation 


Impression will be testing responsive search ads in Microsoft Ads and assessing their results over the next few weeks. If you need help with setting up the RSAs in your account, or you would like to discuss any other aspect of your digital strategy with our team, get in touch today.