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Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) Agency

Microsoft Advertising - formerly Bing Ads - is a unique platform with big potential for the right businesses.

Work with a Microsoft Advertising partner to unlock its potential. Microsoft Advertising provides a platform that helps you expand paid media campaigns beyond Google Ads. Bing ads enjoy high visibility across Microsoft Edge, Yahoo and Xbox, where Bing is the official search engine, and provide businesses with an alternative (often cheaper!) route into advertising.

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Features of Microsoft Advertising

As a Microsoft Advertising Select Agency Partner and 2020 Agency Partner of the Year, Impression has a proven track record of success in Bing advertising, and can take advantage of beta tests and brand new features to pioneer the very best services for our clients. Get in touch with us today to find out how Microsoft advertising could work for you.

Microsoft Advertising offers a range of features to grow your business online through Bing Ads and other channels

Lower Advertising Costs

Bing’s niche user-base means that getting clicks from the right customers costs a lot less, and so does a conversion. If you’re looking to expand your audience targeting but don’t want to drastically increase spend, then Microsoft Ads is for you!

Image Extensions

Microsoft has long been a pioneer of the ability to add images to search ads, as well as the traditional text extensions. This is especially great for ecommerce businesses, or those who may benefit from additional visual imagery.

Voice Search

Bing is storming ahead with the development of its flagship voice recognition software. It is estimated that by 2020 50% of searches made will be voice. Microsoft Advertising is an excellent choice for advertisers wanting to get ahead of the trend.

Increased Visibility for Text Ads

The Bing search engine allows text adverts to show in its right hand column as well as repeating these at the bottom of the page – doubling your amount of visibility! Microsoft Advertising can therefore be an excellent choice for businesses looking to increase online visibility alongside gaining conversions from a whole new set of audiences.


Microsoft Advertising

Our Award Winning Approach to Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising boasts a unique blend of features that’s comparable to Google Ads but allows businesses to market their products and services to more specific audiences. Rather than mirroring our approach to Google Ads on Microsoft’s platform, we have pioneered an award-winning approach that takes advantage of its unique strengths.

Thanks to Microsoft’s ownership of LinkedIn, one of the platform’s features is bespoke audience targeting across Bing ads, which allows us to reach specific categories of people not available on other platforms. This is something that we take full advantage of when our clients need to reach particular audience groups.

Our status as a Microsoft Advertising Select Agency Partner means that we have built recognised success for our clients by using the platform’s unique features and will continue to gain access to the best new tools and features to maintain our performance.

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