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Google Ads PPC Scripts

Bespoke scripts created for clients, by our talented in-house development team

Our commitment to the innovative use of PPC scripts means that our paid media management is as efficient and effective as possible. Explore how our scripts could help your online marketing below.

How do we use scripts?

Using scripts to automate some aspects of campaign management, we can streamline your marketing campaigns to achieve the best results for your business goals.

Bespoke scripts

Our bespoke scripts are created on a client-by-client basis. Intelligent budget distribution is key to ensuring your campaigns deliver positive returns.

Our PPC team works closely with our in-house developers to create custom scripts that automate data intelligence and improve efficiency of management. If we can’t solve a campaign issue within Google’s range of functionality, we’ll build a new script to work around it.

We run Google scripts at both MCC level or Account level, depending on which is best for your campaign. These scripts can be scheduled to run automatically, as often as hourly or as little as once a month.

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