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Unlock the full power of your data with CRM integration & management solutions

CRM & Marketing Automation platforms are your source of truth for your customer data, lifetime value calculations, touchpoint tracking, and reporting. By working with a performance marketing and a CRM agency, you can ensure your customer data is optimised and in sync with your performance marketing efforts, and accurately report on your true acquisition costs.

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How CRM integration services help your business

In the digital world, first-party data and digital measurement are becoming increasingly vital to support any business’ marketing operations.

Whether you’re looking for nurture campaigns through an inbound marketing strategy, or nurturing your existing prospects or customers through marketing automation, you need a capable partner that’s used to customer acquisition strategies to get the most out of your investment.

To gain a complete picture of customer data, many businesses use customer relationship management (CRM) systems and Marketing Automation platforms such as HubSpot, Klaviyo, Pipedrive, Zoho, Emarsys, and more as their one source of truth. But once we have customer data in one place, what can you do with it? And does it actually provide a complete, accurate, holistic view of your customer’s journey?

Having access to connected data allows for the free-flowing of data from your CRM to your integrated third-party platforms, whether that’s a Marketing Automation platform such as Klayvio or a reporting platform like Looker Studio. Ensuring that your CRM software is integrated and synced correctly with advertising platforms, analytics and reporting software provides you with greater insights into your customer behaviour and needs. This makes sure that you can fully utilise your data when it comes to campaign activation, be that across SMS, Push Email, direct mail or paid media.

CRM and Marketing Automation services we offer

Mature your use of first-party customer data across conversion, nurture and loyalty with our range of platform support and done-for-you inbound marketing and marketing automation services.

CRM set-up & integration

We can be your partner in selecting, onboarding, customising and integrating your CRM or marketing automation platform of choice. Our team is experienced in auditing, recommending and migrating CRM software solutions that can help support and scale your business.

Integrating your existing CRM data with third-party software & tools, as well as your own website’s customer events can help you unleash the full potential of your customer data to help you customise your communications content and timing.

Marketing Automation Agency

Although we are platform agnostic and can work across numerous mid-market and enterprise marketing automation platforms, we have selected to be a Klaviyo Partner Agency due to its ease of integration with ecommerce platforms and advanced product sales-based automation.

We act as your in-house technical and CRM consultancy alongside offering full campaign management for your marketing automation programme. This includes periodic health checks, audience segmentation, drip and marketing automation campaigns, and feature upgrades where appropriate. With a highly-knowledgeable solutions team, we can identify opportunities on how you can get more from your CRM system.

Inbound Marketing Agency

Across B2B service industries and some direct to consumer segments we attract potential customers to your business through a combination of SEO, paid advertising, landing page optimisation and convert them to customers through a solid CRM strategy tailored to your business.

Inbound marketing is a well-practised and proven methodology of raising awareness of your brand in your prospects’ minds, inviting them to come to you, therefore avoiding costly and sometimes poorly targeted outreach methodologies.

Our approach to CRM integration & management solutions

As performance marketing and technology specialists, we make your data work harder for you. By providing CRM integration, campaign management, and data reporting solutions, we ensure that your data is fully connected and available for attribution analysis to measure the true and lifetime ROI of customers and advertising activations.

As a CRM agency, we have extensive experience operating across multiple CRMs and integrated third-party platforms and we want to share that expertise with you. As an extension of your team, we can also provide 1-to-1 training to your team in order to get the most out of your CRM.


Every business uses and utilises different CRMs in a variety of ways, that’s why we conduct bespoke audits to gain a greater understanding of your business, your business’ data maturity, and how and which data integrations, data pipelines or reporting can help achieve your business goals. We also provide on-going health checks feeding back on data quality issues and advising on best practice for CRM management.

Bespoke integration

Where syncing isn’t a built-in option, we can offer data warehousing or bespoke solutions to achieve the same result. Through data warehousing, we can ensure data is synced through time or event-based data updates.

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