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XML Sitemap URL Extractor [Free SEO Tool]

Use our free tool to quickly extract URLs from your XML sitemap. Download the list as a CSV to support your technical SEO audits.

How do I use Impression’s Sitemap Extraction tool?

  1. Paste your XML sitemap URL into the tool above
  2. Select Go and wait for the tool to parse your XML sitemap
  3. The extracted URLs will then display in a table for reference. The URL column highlights the extracted URLs and the Source column details which XML sitemap includes the URLs
  4. To download the extracted URLs, select Download as .csv 💾

Does the tool support sitemap index files as well as single sitemap files?

Yes, the tool supports both sitemap index files and single sitemap files. So you understand which sitemap files are referencing your URLs, the tool outputs the extracted URLs next to a Source column, allowing you to visualise how your URLs are categorised.

Why use a Sitemap Extraction Tool?

There are many reasons why you should extract URLs from an XML sitemap.

  1. Understand whether your XML sitemaps are referencing all your indexable and important URLs
  2. Troubleshoot if non-indexable URLs are being referenced in your XML sitemaps
  3. Understand how your XML sitemaps capture your other types of content beyond regular landing pages, from images and video to news and localised URLs.
  4. Embellish your data when reviewing a site’s information architecture