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Charlie Norledge

Head of SEO Performance. Joined Impression in 2015.

My background is in web development but I moved away from this when I decided that I wanted a more customer-facing role. I wanted the opportunity to be able to apply my expertise and also deal with clients directly and technical SEO allowed me to do this.

Day to day, I work on a variety of client accounts across different industries. I am responsible for devising and executing their SEO strategies and also spend a lot of time helping the wider team at Impression with any technical SEO challenges.

Something that I’m proud of:
Speaking at Brighton SEO! I’ve delivered a talks and training on structured data and JavaScript SEO.

Outside of work:
I enjoy surfing and Skiing (although living in the midlands isn’t good for this!)

Charlie Norledge has specialist knowledge in SEO and Technical SEO.

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