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The future of digital marketing measurement

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You’ll no doubt be aware of the increasing pressures that changing privacy demands are putting on digital marketing platforms and the advertisers reliant upon them.

But what exactly are the changes and what do they mean for you, as a marketer? With several changes coming in to force now and in the near future, it’s vital to understand the updates and the changes you’ll be required to make to your campaigns. 

Over the last year, we’ve seen a number of changes to the ad tech and measurement ecosystem, with the latest and most notable being Facebook’s changes due to Apple’s iOS14. We’ve also seen large preparations for the disappearance of cookies, with new platforms like Google Analytics 4 being released. Across the board, enhanced user privacy is on the agenda.

To help you learn more about what is happening and ways to prepare, sign up to watch the recording of our webinar.

Senior paid social specialist Amy Stamper and managing director Aaron Dicks share the most recent and upcoming changes to digital marketing measurement. 

In this session, you’ll learn:  

  • What is happening in the world of digital advertising measurement – across popular platforms like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft
  • Why upcoming changes are necessary in the face of changing user privacy expectations and legislation
  • The changes you’ll need to make to your advertising campaigns
  • If adopted correctly, the benefits to your campaigns and overall marketing performance

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