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Gearing up for Google Analytics 4

10:00am via YouTube

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*For more up-to-date advice on Google Analytics 4, please visit our blog: Google Analytics 4 updates and what they mean for your business

*We’d like to offer a small update on the sessions metric comments in this webinar; this metric does exist in GA4, but the comments around the metrics between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 still stand. Adjusting the session timeout duration via the web interface is possible in GA4 like it is in Universal Analytics.

Unless you created your latest Google Analytics property post-October 2020, you’re likely using a version of Google Analytics called Universal Analytics. Google has recently announced this will be sunset and unavailable from 1st July 2023, meaning marketers need to take action to migrate to Google Analytics 4.

Google is strongly encouraging users to make this switch as soon as possible to build necessary historic data. This means that in order to continue to measure year-on-year performance, you must set up your new GA4 property before 1st July 2022 – less than 3 months away! 

Google Analytics 4 uses a new measurement methodology and you will therefore need to learn these key differences to understand discrepancies between your old and new reporting. Also, Google Analytics 4 is more extensible by default but is also therefore less set up out of the box. This is particularly true if you use custom metrics, dimensions, e-commerce or event tracking (all of which you should be using effectively!) As a consequence of this, it’s not just a case of ‘turning on GA4’ – it needs a proper set-up by someone who’s experienced in the software; that’s something we can help with. 

To learn more about Google Analytics 4 and for support on your migration, watch the recording of our webinar hosted by Impression’s head of digital strategy George Gangar and performance director Aaron Dicks

You’ll learn: 

  • What’s happening, why it’s happening and when it’s happening
  • How it will directly impact your role and your business 
  • Actions you must take to minimise disruption and prepare for continuity 

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