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Amazon PPC Advertising Agency

Leverage Amazon's platform to grow your business

With Amazon being the largest marketplace online, it’s a key destination for all ecommerce retailers. It has also grown to become one of the worlds’ largest advertising platforms. Now, over 60% of product searches start on Amazon.

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Optimised Amazon Advertising

Cut Wasted Spend

Our team monitors search terms and continue to evolve targeting lists and negative out high spending but non-converting keywords, just like in search. We monitor hero and top performing products and work with you to maximise sales and overall Amazon performance of these. We’ll restructure advertising campaigns as required to achieve this and gain granular budgetary control.

Monitoring and Reporting

Impression’s Analytics and Insights team can supply bespoke and real-time advertising and performance dashboards to suit yours and your boards’ needs. Accurately monitor your return on investment and trading performance as it happens.

Target Display Advertising

Reach engaged and in-market Amazon shoppers both on and off platform through the Amazon DSP. Work with our strategists to target audiences based on product views, targeted product listings (cross sells) and general interest browsers based on your needs — all only on a cost per click basis.

Ongoing Bid and Budget Management

We’ll closely manage budget allocations and individual and category bids to ensure positioning is optimal. Work to a target ACOS / ROAS or work with us to maximise sales and revenue – whichever suits your business needs, cash cycle and resupply ability.

Targeted Product Campaigns

Sponsored Product campaigns can run across all or part of your product inventory. They elevate specific product listings to top of page positions for more clicks and conversions – great for building a holistic Amazon Marketing Strategy and great individually for providing excellent ROAS.

Strategy Fed By Business Intelligence

We’ll help you make the most of your promotional activities and stock and storage challenges. We understand the retail landscape and will prioritise important business promotional activities. Knowing what your business KPIs are we’ll be able to suggest the best allocation of media into Sponsored Products, Hero Products and Display campaigns.

Amazon Marketing & Advertising

Impression operates Amazon ads across both Ads platforms – the Amazon Sponsored Ads PPC platform, and the Display Demand Side Platform (DSP for short).

Our Amazon Advertising and Marketing solution takes into account your product profitability, Buy Box presence, availability and you overall ROAD targets to produce an effective growth strategy for your business. Effective Amazon strategies monetise hero and high margin products, effectively expand product ranges, launch in new territories, cut wasted spend and passively or actively grown own-brand awareness through the platform.

All advertising strategies, whilst based on proven foundations, are bespoke and targeted to your ultimate business goals. If you have an existing store on Amazon and are looking to begin advertising, or you have an advertising account you’d like us to audit, please get in touch with our team.

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