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Native Advertising

Secure premium media placements for your brand across the web with native advertising

The influence of native advertising through sponsored content and premium advertorial can go a long way in driving reach, engagement and conversions across a wide range of publications and platforms.

Why invest in native advertising

Native advertising isn’t new in the marketing world, however, in the digital age, native advertising opens up a wide range of opportunities for your business to attract and engage with your target audience.

Today, more and more consumers are becoming conscious of adverts within their digital content. Native advertising offers a way of blending paid ads and organic content through the means of sponsored content – essentially, a type of paid advertising that appears natural to users. The variety of media formats available can help you grow your digital presence, build brand loyalty and meet KPIs  alongside other formats.

Native advertising is a premium service, with a reasonable cost of entry,  due to the nature of hard to achieve placements being manually negotiated.

Sponsored content & premium advertorials

Native advertising is usually found on reputable and brand-safe news and media sites, which is occasionally then cross posted by the publisher on social media. On these sites, brands can sponsor articles written by in-house journalists or brands may pay to have their own articles published or featured on the site.

Benefits of native advertising

Why do these forms of ads matter so much? As mentioned, we’re more conscious of online ads than ever before. Native advertising, on the other hand, is focused on providing experiences through content rather than being your typical display or video ad.

So, not only do you have the reach and brand recognition potential through online publication and major social media platforms, you’re offering a form of advertising that doesn’t take away from the intended experience that the user is looking for. This is often reinforced by the fact that content is written by journalists rather than marketers and is not overly promotional of any particular product or service, so is a lot more trustworthy.

Engage better with audiences

Build stronger brand sentiment

Native advertising helps develop brand sentiment with your target audience also, as it offers businesses the ability to align themselves with the shared values of the publisher. Whilst this is mainly an opportunity for news and media sites, this can be applied to websites and publishers with a large following on social media too.

An important part of this is that In many cases the in-house sponsored journalism is unbiased and not entirely led by the sponsor. At first this may seem risky, but if your product or service is good or virtuous, coverage from premium positions will build brand sentiment with your audience.


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