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Ben Garry

SEO Lead. Joined Impression in 2016.

I started working at Impression a few months before my graduation, after a short stint in-house with a small recruitment company. I’ve learnt everything I know about SEO while working here, including my discovery of how much I enjoy working with written content and understanding the linguistic aspects of SEO. That interest led to a specialisation in on-page content, before I returned to my current general SEO strategy role.

My day to day work is a mixture of speaking to my clients about their performance and strategies, actively working on content production and optimisation, and supporting both the team that I manage and the wider SEO team. As a senior SEO strategist, I work with some of our largest clients to shape their long-term strategies, and coordinate different account teams to deliver the work needed to implement those strategies. I’ve never lost my passion for contend and on-page optimisation, but I am always happy to support clients in all of their SEO requirements, including technical SEO and off-page strategies.

Something that I’m really proud of:
I’m proud to have been a part of Impression’s growth journey, seeing the agency have around 15-20 employees when I joined, then expanding to where it is now. I am also immensely proud to have worked with some of my clients for a long period of time, watching them grow alongside us, and for the newer opportunities I’ve had to work with fantastic, internationally recognised brands.

Outside of work:
I split my free time between a few different hobbies, like playing tabletop games (Dungeons & Dragons plus a lot of board games), reading (including DC comics, which I adore) and watching sport (mostly F1 and football). I also spend a lot of time with my local church, where I often speak and teach.

Ben Garry has specialist knowledge in SEO Strategy and SEO Content Strategy.

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