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Google penalty recovery services

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With continuous updates in Broad Core Algorithms, it can be challenging to keep up to speed and ensure your website maintains its rankings. At Impression, we stay ahead of the game and monitor the latest changes and developments, so you can be confident that your website can adapt and respond when needed.

How our algorithm recovery services help your business

Google Broad Core updates or manual action penalties can have an effect on your website, which in worse-case scenarios can result in losses in rankings, traffic and revenue. Staying on top of the latest developments and understanding how they affect your website is crucial to maintaining its performance in search.

Our team of SEO consultants have a wealth of experience in handling Google algorithm updates on behalf of clients. We are well positioned to help you adapt quickly and effectively to changes that impact your business’ visibility.

Algorithm and penalty recovery services

The impact felt and strategy for recovery differs greatly depending on your situation, and every case is unique. Whether you’ve been affected by a Broad Core algorithm update or received a manual action penalty, we can use our professional-grade tools and years of experience to identify exactly when your site was affected and the steps necessary to get you back on track.

In addition to the tailored support we offer, our algorithm recovery services typically include:

Broad Core Algorithm Recovery

We can identify exactly when your site was affected and the steps necessary to get you back on track.

Manual action penalty recovery

In many cases, a manual action penalty can be rectified. We can guide you through the recovery process to help get your website back on track.

Continuous monitoring of algorithm changes

We actively engage with and monitor updates from Google to understand their impact across searches.

On-site content audit

We can help to assess your on-site content, providing a clear picture of where your website delivers and where it doesn’t.

Competitor benchmarking & reporting

If your website has suffered a loss in traffic from an algorithm update, we will utilise competitor research and analysis to ideate the path to success for your individual business case.

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Our approach to Google penalty recovery

Using our understanding of the sectors that have been most profoundly affected – positively and negatively – to the changes in the search landscape itself, we can react and adjust our strategy to safeguard against lost rankings and capitalise on new opportunities.

We can assess your on-site content and technical SEO setup to provide a clear picture of where your website delivers and where it doesn’t. From this, we’ll help strategise and communicate where and how to optimise key pages, where to prune away or improve low-performing content, and ultimately create a stronger content offering that shows experience, expertise, authority and trustworthiness in your sector.

Algorithm recovery case studies

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Read Full Case Study

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