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Scalable SEO solutions achieve 50% boost in organic conversions

Founded in 1992, CEIC hosts one of the largest economic databases, providing insights and accurate data for over 200+ economies. CEIC uses an innovative range of indicators which provide near real-time updates across their entire database.

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The Challenge

CEIC approached Impression with the task of increasing organic leads and recovering rankings after being hit by a Google algorithm update.

CEIC provides two types of data plans for specific target audiences:

  • Professionals who require data insights on scale and on a regular basis
  • Professionals who require data insights on an ad hoc basis.


Specifically, we set out to:


Increase page 1 keyword coverage (Feb 2021-Jan 2022)


Increase organic traffic vs previous year (Aug 2021-Jan 2022)


Utilise organic channels to increase data plan subscribers vs previous year (Aug 2021-Jan 2022)

The Strategy

We set out with two initial strategies in mind when approaching this task:

A short-term strategy – targeting and optimising areas of the domain that received the most traffic to achieve higher rankings and to drive conversions

A long-term strategy – improving the domain’s overall indexation and content quality, as we discovered a number of pages that needed to be optimised.


Since CEIC’s domain was so vast, we needed to get a full picture of how many URLs were on the site to gain insights on indexable content and index traps. We used a cloud-based solution to crawl 6m+ URLs, as standard SEO crawlers lacked the RAM capacity for a site this large.


To identify areas for improvement for content on the website, we created a sitemap hierarchy that reflected the categorisation of indicators by country and content quality. We followed a set criteria for judging these pages and set out to optimise them.


We then divided the sitemap into new and old content, ensuring that new content was crawled more frequently. This was coupled with updating internal links on top level indicator pages, which would make it easier to find pages with indexation issues.


Rather than approaching content page by page, we developed our own automation programme using Python, which enabled us to improve and optimise content en masse across 6 million+ URLs.

The Results

We delivered huge traffic gains over the course of 12 months by focusing on scalable solutions using Python and Google Cloud, as well as finding innovative ways to report on success through sitemap reporting.

Impressed with the results we achieved, CEIC sought to enlist our CRO services to complement our SEO efforts and have been looking to expand their database even further as a result of this.


Increase of page 1 keywords


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in ‘active subscribers’ to their data plans

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