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Black Friday Series: Trends and predictions [1 of 3]

NOTE: The live webinar has now passed

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It’s about this time of year when you start to hear rumblings about “maximising peak period” and “Black Friday strategies”. With the big day just under 3 months away, we’ve created a 3-part webinar series to help your brand prepare. 

Watch part two of the series here and part three of the series here.

Black Friday has been a key moment in the ecommerce calendar for nearly 10 years, although, the tradition of shopping on the day after Thanksgiving has been around for much longer. For 2023, the media is already beginning to start the hype. 

Every year we see brands compete with pricing strategies to see who can engage users in an increasingly crowded environment. The cost of living crisis will no doubt impact sales generated during this year’s event as consumers face financial pressures. In 2022, we saw an amplification of the role of Black Friday as customers looked to capitalise on the lower costs.

We expect to see a similar pattern this year, with consumer confidence still struggling. A survey from GWI tells us that 46% of Gen X and Baby Boomers are worried about the price of products and services implying heightened value consciousness which will increase the importance of all of the discounting we will see.

To help you understand what this means for your business, hear from Impression’s head of digital strategy, Isabella Smith, by signing up to watch our webinar.

In 10 minutes, learn about:

  • Search trends data and what the gradual decline in ‘Black Friday’ searches means for your business
  • The growing scepticism about the value that Black Friday actually offers and the rising demand for more sustainable, value-driven initiatives 
  • The rise of “anti-Black Friday” campaigns with examples from brands such as Patagonia and Finisterre 
  • How to drive loyalty and advocacy among your customer base by combining long-term brand-building efforts with short-term sales tactics

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