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Black Friday Series: Enhanced measurement and reporting [3 of 3]

NOTE: The live webinar has now passed

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The final episode of our three-part webinar series helps you upgrade your reporting to be a value-building activity that offers useful insights not simply for your marketing channel but for your business at large.

Watch part one of the series here and part two here.

Reporting often falls into the trap of standardisation. Standard reports might offer insights and actions but can have a narrow channel focus. Or, they might offer a broader view of your channel mix, but misalign with key business metrics like revenue and profit. 

To produce better reports, it’s important to dive into data and be selective with what you choose to take away from it. Deeply insightful reporting offers business-relevant information that goes beyond a given channel, for example, audience resonance with certain ad formats or product types, contextual insights on the impact of externalities or cross-channel competitor activity. It’s about understanding the story that your data is telling you so that you can focus on taking action in the right places. 

To learn how to make the most of your data this peak period, sign up to watch our webinar co-hosted by Impression’s head of PPC performance, Nick Handley, and senior PPC specialist, Sam Cooper.

In 30 minutes, learn about:

  • The key differences between standard and non-standard reporting 
  • The rapid change in reporting (from UA to GA4, as one example)
  • How to go beyond standard reporting metrics to get the best out of your performance data
  • How to create succinct, insightful reports that engage key stakeholders

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