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Black Friday Series: Panic-free planning and expert execution [2 of 3]

NOTE: The live webinar has now passed

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You can have the best offer in the industry, but you’ll never reach your full growth potential without making the most of the time that you have left to prepare. 

Watch part one of the series here and part three here.

The second part of our Black Friday webinar series provides you with a thorough checklist of the activities you should carry out in September, October and November to ensure you’re set up for success. Impression’s head of paid social, Amy Stamper, walks you through a complete breakdown of the next 3 months and reveals ways to closely monitor your competitors. 

You’ll also learn about the tactical tips you’ll need to execute the week before Black Friday and on the big day itself. 

In this short, actionable 20-minute webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to maximise your remaining time to the fullest 
  • How to analyse last year’s performance to inform this year’s activity
  • How to increase brand loyalty and build audiences 
  • What NOT to do during the Black Friday period

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