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Impression Picks – Digital marketing roundup for April 2023

This article was updated on: 19.04.2023

Welcome to April’s edition of Impression Picks! This digital marketing roundup serves as some food for thought for you from Impression’s experts and the wider marketing community. Each month, we will highlight an interesting article, insight and campaign of the month.

This month features thoughts from Technical SEO Specialist, Luke Davis, Senior Digital Strategist, Rebecca Edwards and Digital Strategy Consultant, Isabella Smith. As always, we hope you enjoy the content and insights we provide as a part of our monthly roundups.

22 SEO uses for ChatGPT

In recent months, ChatGPT has been making waves in the world of AI and beyond. With wide ranging capabilities, the chatbot has been used for everything from designing a logo to writing university essays. But one area it has proven to massively boost productivity is SEO.

Within most professions, we all have to undertake tedious tasks that often take up a lot of time which could be better spent elsewhere. As an SEO, this is certainly true for some of the tasks we have to undertake on a regular basis. 

But now, thanks to ChatGPT there are various ways in which you can leverage AI to make your life easier. 

In this article, SEO expert Andrew Shotland has compiled a list of ‘cool SEO things’ you can do with ChaptGPT’s AI. From researching content ideas to helping with coding, there are a number of cool ways in which we can use it to improve efficiency and invest more time on higher-level, strategic activities. 

It’s a recommended read for anyone in the marketing industry as it cuts through the noise and highlights some of the most practical and effective ways to work with AI.

Read the full article on LocalSEOGuide.com

Article reviewed by: Luke Davis

The rise of “ #deinfluencing”

The hashtag #deinfluencing has generated 450M views on TikTok

Deinfluencing is a growing trend where creators and influencers use platforms, such as TikTok to encourage their audiences what not to buy, rather than what to buy. Largely this is a reaction to the economic reality of audiences who are struggling with the cost of living alongside the increasing concerns about sustainability and over-consumerism, particularly with the younger audience. Creators are making strides to ensure their content is relevant to their audience, rather than overloading them with sponsored content. 

Whilst this trend may dampen the power influencers have as a commerce tool, the principles it follows are fundamental to its longevity. Influencing is powered by an engaged, connected audience and staying in tune with consumer needs is a necessity to drive the impact we have become used to seeing. Therefore, this seems not a move away from influencers, rather an appreciation that the content audiences want to see has changed, and adapting towards it. 

What does this mean for advertisers? The principles remain the same, ensuring your content is relevant to your audience is paramount in delivering performance. Having the right content partners who are aligned to your brand values is crucial in a successful influencing strategy.

Insight by: Isabella Smith

Cadbury’s Worldwide Hide was back and it was bigger than ever

Back for the third year running, Cadbury continued to inspire customers around the world to celebrate the joy of Easter and their loved ones. But this year, they took the campaign to the next level for some extra marketing magic.

The campaign concept is pretty simple. Users can log in, virtually hide an Easter egg anywhere in the world and then if they wish to do so (and live in the UK) users can send a physical Cadbury egg to their loved ones.

Over the last two years, the multi-channel campaign has resulted in over 1 million eggs being hidden, but this year Cadbury went even bigger. 

The brand created localised digital-out-of-home (DOOH) creative using anonymised hiding spot data from the Worldwide Hide platform. The bespoke digital ads appeared in nine key cities up and down the country, including Bristol, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Cardiff, Manchester, Nottingham and Glasgow. They featured real hiding spots used on the platform, each from the city where the ads are displayed.

Adding DOOH to the campaign will have only enhanced Cadbury’s efforts to engage with the public. Consumers love personalisation and it’s a great way to get more people involved with the hide on a localised level.

But for me, this is just one of a few reasons why I like this campaign.

  • It inspires a little more generosity in the world – not only is it fun, but the idea of connecting virtually with family and friends is helping many to put some meaning and thoughtfulness back into Easter rather than being guilty of just picking an egg off the shelf because we need to.
  • It keeps a connection with consumers who are cutting back –  in a time where food prices are rising and consumers are watching their spending, the virtual element is a clever way for Cadbury to continue engaging with those who are cutting back.
  • It leverages online buying behaviours – the eCommerce provides users with a quick, easy and convenient way to tick this task off their list. Also, with a range of products available and costs being only slightly higher than the supermarkets, there isn’t the usual added expense of doing something different or out-the-box. Cadbury are also donating one Easter product for every Easter egg purchased on the WorldWide Hide to food banks across the Trussell Trust Network – a great charitable incentive that consumers will appreciate and be willing to support.
  • It cements Cadbury as the leading brand for Easter treats – The repetition of the campaign not only helps to strengthen brand awareness, but strengthens the brands’ association with this much-loved holiday, but in turn, builds long-term affinity.

Overall, The Worldwide Hide is a great example of how brands can bring multiple factors together to create a fun and creative campaign that can also continue to be a success thanks to a few optimisations that leverage exciting new digital opportunities.

Read more about the campaign on The Drum

Campaign reviewed by: Rebecca Edwards

Look out for our next Impression Picks in May for more digital marketing articles, insights and campaigns to inspire your digital strategy. Have any further questions? Get in touch!