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Luke Davis

Technical SEO Specialist, joined Impression in February 2021.

I’ve been messing around on the Web since 2000 and my fascination has never stopped growing. This is what led me to SEO via self-taught HTML and CSS, a Music Tech degree and over 10 years of blogging. I worked in a customer service role for 5 years before officially entering the digital marketing sector in 2019.

At Impression, my role sees me working on a range of accounts where I conduct technical and on-page audits, speak to clients about their progress, write and optimise copy, and use software and programming languages to analyse the technical health of a site.

Something I’m proud of:
Learning Python when a few years ago, I thought I couldn’t. I also have a Simpsons meme for any situation.

Outside of work:
Find me blogging, making music, coding in Python, playing Pokémon or watching YouTube.

Luke Davis has specialist knowledge in SEO.

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