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Impression launches Programmatic service offering

This article was updated on: 23.01.2023

Impression has been running programmatic campaigns to great success and to strengthen and expand our specialism, we welcomed Harriet Howarth to our 36-strong paid media team earlier this quarter.

Harriet has 5+ years of experience in Programmatic and led a number of global accounts across various different industries including luxury fashion, retail and travel in her previous role at Merkle. Harriet’s addition ensures our display, video and audio activation is of the highest quality.

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising uses technology to automate the buying of advertising space, instead of traditional methods of digital advertising which require a manual set-up, buying and reporting process using data and algorithms. Programmatic media buying ensures ads are served to the right user, in the right place, at the right time. It’s an efficient channel that allows for real-time optimisation and offers far more targeting capabilities than other digital marketing methods. Its many benefits are seeing it rise in popularity, with global spending expected to grow by $314.27 bn during 2022-2026

Programmatic vs traditional advertising

Where traditional media buying requires one-to-one relationships with publishers, programmatic media buying allows advertisers to unlock opportunities with thousands of publishers. A process called Real Time Bidding utilises data to serve users with targeted, tailored ads in a matter of milliseconds. This approach reduces budget wastage and engages your audience with content that’s relevant to them.

What does programmatic advertising look like for me?

There are numerous different ad formats which can be bought Programmatically, such as YouTube, display, video, audio, connected TV (CTV), digital out-of-home (DOOH) and more. The scalability and impact of these ad types allow you to accelerate your brand’s awareness as you become visible to more audiences in different places. To re-engage audiences who have shown an interest in your product or service, remarketing efforts complement your brand-led activity, encouraging hot prospects to revisit your website and convert. Using programmatic’s granular audience targeting you can tailor your strategy to target the opportunities that will deliver the most impactful results. 

Commenting on the launch, paid media director Mike Wickham says:

“This is a hugely exciting step for Impression. Evolving our brand capabilities not only helps us to better serve consumers throughout their buyer journey, but it allows us to devise and deliver creative and impactful media strategies to accelerate our clients’ growth. We’ve built a team armed with data, creativity, and a high level of critical thinking. We’re incredibly excited for the year ahead.”

Performance director Liam Wade adds:

“We’ve been running programmatic campaigns for a while and our clients have been seeing tremendous results already. We’ve shown seasoned programmatic-investing brands that despite the current economic climate, increased performance is possible. Whilst some of our existing client base has been running on the Google Display Network, we have been able to demonstrate the impact that programmatic buying can have.”


Exploring opportunities

If you’d like to consider programmatic advertising as part of your marketing mix, get in touch with our team to find out how it can be integrated alongside your other channels. Alternatively, learn more about our programmatic advertising offering or watch our webinar for an introduction to the channel and its benefits.