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Programmatic advertising: Reach your audience in new moments

10:00am via YouTube

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Programmatic advertising is growing rapidly with worldwide spend expected to reach $725bn by 2026. The channel presents marketers with granular targeting capabilities and an exciting array of creative ad formats to captivate your audience and cut through your competition. There’s no wonder it’s growing in popularity. 

If you’re already utilising traditional media buying methods to advertise across platforms such as display and video, switching to programmatic ad buying is a much more efficient way to reach your audience, giving you access to wider inventory across the web. If you are not currently advertising via these channels, learning about the benefits could unlock untapped opportunities for your brand. 

There is a common misconception that Programmatic is for larger businesses with big budgets, however, due to its efficiency, this isn’t necessarily the case. Real-time optimisation across Programmatic platforms allows for flexibility in spending and granular targeting ensures budget wastage is kept to a minimum. 

To help you explore how Programmatic advertising can unlock opportunities for your business, you can watch our webinar on demand. The webinar talk lasts for 30 minutes, followed by a 15-minute Q&A. If you have any questions about any topics raised in this webinar, get in touch

You’ll learn about

  • What Programmatic advertising is and how it differs from traditional media buying
  • The different ad formats available and the most effective way to split your budget across them
  • How Programmatic can be used to support both awareness and conversion goals 
  • How to adopt a creative-first approach to overcome ad fatigue and ensure your brand stands out
  • How to integrate Programmatic into your wider marketing mix and how to measure it 

Who this webinar is for

  • Paid media specialists that want to tap into new channels to broaden their reach and accelerate current efforts through an integrated approach 
  • Senior marketers accountable for overseeing a variety of marketing channels within their business 
  • Strategic marketers who are interested in investing in additional channels to accelerate their marketing ROI 

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