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Measurefest 2019: Adam Chapman-Ballard – How marketers miss up to 60% of their conversions – and how to capture them

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

Adam Chapman-Ballard, head of sales and marketing at Media hawk, took the stage for the third and final talk of the CRO stream at Measurefest 2019.

What is a ‘conversion’?

Adam started with this question and opened it to the room, where one person said  ‘it depends’ and another said ‘transfer of a commodity’.

Adam’s definition of a conversion – ‘a marketing tactic that encourages a user to take a specific action.’

To draw back to the title of his talk, Adam then asks the question – ‘What do we mean by ‘missing 60% conversions?’ Well, it’s about the return channel and how things come back through to you.

Adam then went on to use Apple as an example. He explained how Apple will get you to go in store to touch and feel the product. This allows the user to connect to the product and to ultimately take their offline experience online.

The telelphone as a conversion channel

What if you’re using the telephone as a conversion channel? How do we prove we are picking up the sales and the sales team aren’t getting all the credit.

People will call you if the product you are selling is one or more of these four things:

  1. Complex
  2. Personal
  3. Expensive
  4. Urgent

For example, a used car is very complex as there are a lot of needs and requirements

Which Products/Services demand a conversation?

Slide from Adam’s deck that shows the variations of complexity in products

It starts to get very complicated when you’re selling something that is a high price but also high complexity/urgency. There is a high propensity for your prospects to call.

“70% of mobile searchers use clicks to call” – Google

Users want to call

He then uses the example of uber and how uber can be very difficult to use when you are in an airport with loads of bags and don’t know the address and have to copy and paste it etc. Sometimes users want to call!

He then uses an example of when he had a toilet that was leaking. He first went to his home insurance provider and couldn’t find a telephone number or contact page.

He then talks about call tracking. Call tracking is a simple bit of software that allows you to attribute where the calls are coming from. You can then track your customers that are calling.

Next steps

  • Think about how people contact you on and offline?
  • Track your phone conversions to get a full picture of your campaigns
  • Go and successfully grab your missing 60% of conversions

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