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Tom Craig

Managing Director. Co-founded Impression in 2012.

I started my career in internal systems development at a global engineering consultancy. This is where I learnt to code in a professional environment, having previously only built websites as a hobby. After four years in this role, I decided to pursue further education and studied at the University of Leeds. My next role was a digital marketing manager for a fast-growth cleantech company in Nottingham. Both the company and my responsibilities grew, and I held the position as Head of Marketing for 3 years, before leaving to co-found Impression. My role has evolved every year at Impression as the agency has grown and we’ve realigned responsibilities along the way, but it’s safe to say that I’ve worked in all areas of the business over the years.

Day to day, Aaron and Mikey and I work closely to ensure we’re leading the agency forwards within our respective remits; performance, commercial and operations. I work closely with the management team, helping to ensure we’re all aligned in achieving our objectives. Much of my day is spent speaking with the team, where I work to improve systems and processes, and preempt future operational challenges. I really enjoy all aspects of planning and can easily get lost in a complex spreadsheet, but I work hard to ensure I stay in the big picture to provide the team the support they need to do the best job they can.

Something that I’m proud of:
It has to be our baby boy!

Outside of work:
Skiing is number one, but when I can’t do that I enjoy cycling, swimming, playing tennis and squash, listening to music, (occasionally) playing guitar, cooking and seeing friends and family.

Tom Craig has specialist knowledge in SEO and Strategy.