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Impression shortlisted in UK Biddable Media Awards 2017

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

It’s been a crazy few weeks for us here at Impression, with awards shortlists in the RAR awards and European Search Awards, plus the UK Search Awards last year. This week, we’re proud to announce that we’re shortlisted again – this time in the UK Biddable Media Awards.

The Biddable Media Awards recognise excellent in paid advertising online, covering the full breadth of search and social. We’re really pleased to be shortlisted in the following categories:

Best performance biddable agency

In this category, we were asked to discuss how our team had shown profitable increases for our clients through a broad range of paid channels. Within this, we were able to showcase ecommerce and lead generation examples, proving how the application of budget on a priority basis has led to profitable, sustainable, scalable advertising that delivers exemplary results.

Local campaign of the year

Our campaign for local company KLG has seen their sales grow quickly yet sustainably. By working closely with our client and with our internal web development team, we have created an effective, profitable campaign, utilising innovative techniques to drive landing page relevancy, and scripts to automate daily tasks and open up our time for strategic implementation.

Biddable team of the year

This award recognises the people in the team who deliver our paid advertising campaigns. The team currently includes Liam, Becky, Loz, Jack, Larissa and Helen, all of whom do an amazing job of building profitable campaigns and delivering incredible results. They’re a team of innovators, always seeking the next way to improve and do better, and we’re really proud that they have been recognised in this way.

Rising star of biddable media

Lauren Capon (known as Loz in the team) joined via our graduate scheme in 2016. Having completed a placement in SEO (where she did an awesome job), Loz moved into Liam’s PPC team just before Christmas. Her inquisitive mind and head for data have made her an invaluable asset to the team and she’s proven herself incredibly worthy of the accolade of ‘rising star’ in our industry.

What are the UK Biddable Media Awards?

The UK Biddable Media Awards have been created to recognise the skilled practitioners of paid advertising management – including search and social.

The awards recognise the value contribution of biddable media to marketing campaigns. They follow a real boom in the number of businesses now investing in paid ads, and reflect the changing culture of ‘pay to play’ that we’re seeing, particularly when it comes to social media reach.

Impression’s PPC offering

Our PPC team has always been an integral part of our business. Led by Liam since the very early days of our agency, the team has grown, and continues to grow, to deliver campaigns to a wide variety of businesses – including both ecommerce and lead gen.

What differentiates us from our competitors is our dedication to our data-driven, results-focused approach. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ businesses as if they were our own, and being able to use that knowledge to apply budget and set strategies that deliver the most position bottom line impact.

We’re also very proud of our in house web development team and the cohesion between the devs and PPC that has facilitated so many of our innovations. From the use of scripts to automate delivery of ads based on the weather, to scripts and tools that take the manual work out of daily tasks to free to us for strategic implementations, to the development of dynamic landing pages that improve quality scores and CTRs, we’ve been able to do a lot thanks to that departmental crossover.

If you’d like to find out more about our PPC offering, check out our PPC page or contact us today.

We’ll find out the results of the UK Biddable Media Awards later this year.