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Jake Piekarski

Media Effectiveness Executive. Joined Impression in September 2023.

I graduated with a master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Nottingham. Throughout my degree, I developed a passion for data science and decided to specialise in Bayesian modelling. I am interested in exploring the various ways statistical modelling techniques can be used to assess media effectiveness.

As a media effectiveness executive at Impression, my day-to-day involves prepping data, fitting various types of statistical models and drawing inferences from these models. I specifically work on developing and implementing Bayesian media mix modelling and incrementality testing. These statistical models help to provide clients with useful, data-driven insights into media planning.

Something I am proud of:
Receiving a first class on both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Outside of work:
I enjoy going to the gym, playing pool and playing darts.

Jake Piekarski has specialist knowledge in Media Effectiveness & MMM and Web Analytics.