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Progressive Web App Optimisation

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Progressive web apps (also known as PWAs) represent a huge leap in website technology. Operating with behaviours similar to a mobile phone app, these represent the best of both worlds – discoverable through search and with no installation process, along with advanced functions typically reserved for native app experiences.

PWAs aren’t without their downsides.

Due to the advanced functionality and ability to function even in offline environments, many aspects of the app are operated through extensive JavaScript code, which is notoriously difficult for search engines to understand.

This causes a number of problems when they attempt to crawl and index your PWA, let alone rank them in organic search. Our intricate understanding of JavaScript frameworks and how they interact with modern search engine crawlers enables us to support your business in creating a progressive web app that works for users and search engines alike.

Understanding SEO for PWAs

Progressive web apps are quite unlike regular websites, utilising dynamic content inside a static application shell to serve users with the latest information from a single point.

This creates a number of challenges when attempting to ensure on-page content is indexable in search engines. Server-side rendering is one approach to tackling this issue. By rendering the complete page that end-users will see within the app ahead of time on the hosted server, complete with endpoint URLs, users agents can be served this static page and appropriately index it. As the experience matches that of the dynamic experience users would navigate to, it meets both user and crawler expectations. Of course, this is only one approach to managing a PWA, and it’s vital to start the conversation early around how to structure your PWA to best suit your business needs.

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