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B2B website sees 121% increase in number of indexed URLs

EMIS is a global company providing market analysis and financial information to businesses on specific companies and industries in over 145 emerging markets, worldwide.

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The Challenge

Having witnessed a downturn in organic traffic and revenue following the launch of their e-commerce function, EMIS sought the specialist technical SEO services of Impression to aid them in recovering and further growing their organic traffic levels and online visibility.

Given the unique scale of the EMIS website, store pages were deprioritised in the crawl queue and never indexed meaning they became undiscoverable by customers leading to a loss in organic traffic and revenue.

Our objectives were to:


Increase the number

Of company profile and industry report pages included in Google’s index and therefore eligible to appear in organic search results


Raise sessions

Raise organic landing page sessions for company profile and industry report pages

The Strategy

Impression worked “outside of the box”, implementing a strategy which sits outside of conventional SEO. With a strong focus on technical SEO, innovation and creativity, Impression has been able to implement bespoke data driven solutions, resulting in significant organic traffic growth for EMIS.

Our strategy focused on 3 core areas;


  • In order to resolve thin and duplicate content issues across millions of company profile and industry report pages we needed to devise a way of generating content that had enough inherent variance to avoid duplication.
  • We achieved this via an automated sentence generation system which utilised company variables such as name, country and turnover alongside dynamically generated unique copy.


  • Given the sheer scale of the EMIS site, we needed to ensure that the site was easy for search engines to crawl, discover and index the most valuable content.
  • We provided an in-depth audit to highlight current issues which were hindering the crawl efficiency of the domain, whilst setting out clear recommendations to resolve these issues


  • Bespoke indexing and sitemap reporting

In order to identify poor performing areas of the store we created a sitemap hierarchy that reflected both the categorisation of company profiles by country and content quality – a system developed by Impression to grade content quality per country sitemap and ensure strategic submission of URLs to Google’s index. Impression then created a bespoke sitemap and indexing report to provide detailed index coverage information for over 7 million URLs.

  • Bespoke crawl software innovations

As the site was over 6,000,000 URLs there was no feasible way to completely crawl the domain via traditional cloud crawling tools. We therefore crawled the domain using a bespoke set up of the Screaming Frog SEO Spider.

The Results

The results below reflect a period from 2019:


increase in number of indexed URLs


increase in organic sessions for company and industry report landing pages

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B2B website sees 121% increase in number of indexed URLs

B2B website sees 121% increase in number of indexed URLs






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