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Website Migration Services

Seamlessly migrate your website with our SEO migration services

If you’re considering major changes to your website it’s vital for your migration process to be executed meticulously. Our SEO experts can provide thorough website migration services to preserve organic traffic and build a platform for future growth.

How website migration services help your business

Whether you’re looking to change your domain, re-platforming your CMS, or launching a brand-new website, an experienced website migration agency will help to avoid any drop in traffic during the transition. 

Site migrations are inevitable parts of digital marketing, with many seeing a boost in traffic following a successful migration. We use proven migration techniques to protect your content and prevent common mistakes, putting you in an optimal post-migration position. Get in touch to find out more.

Website migration services we offer

Migrations can take many different forms, from design updates to URL hierarchy restructures. As a leading website migration agency, we have decades of collective experience in guiding clients through all kinds of projects.

Domain Moves

From rebranding through to TLD and HTTPS migrations, we can assist with changes to your domain, ensuring that all of your content travels to its new home.

Architecture Changes

Planning on making major changes to your site’s structure? We can help you manage the transition and get everything set up correctly.

Website Redesigns

Your website needs to reflect your brand’s personality, but this shouldn’t come at the cost of website performance when a design migration is needed.

CMS Provider Changes

With various plug-ins, features and tools to implement during a CMS change, we can help you get to grips with your new platform.

Our approach to website migrations

A comprehensive website migration checklist forms the backbone of the services we provide, allowing us to cover the most important aspects in a well-organised, structured manner.

With extensive experience in SEO-oriented site migrations as part of both one-off projects and longer retainers, we can adapt our process to combat your challenges and work to a timeframe that aligns with your wider business goals.

Our website migration services are typically divided into four parts:


Introduction & Discovery

We like to be involved from the earliest stages of the process and will set up a discovery meeting in order to establish the project’s objectives. We will also introduce you to our extensive migration checklist to ensure that everyone’s responsibilities are clear.


Implementation & Review

Migration projects can carry an element of risk and we recognise that technical issues can sometimes occur even after launch. Our site migration services extend far beyond the implementation phase, with thorough reviews scheduled at intervals once your new website is live.



Our process in the planning phase largely involves interaction with your staging site to ensure it’s best prepared, from an SEO perspective, to launch. This process typically includes on-page optimisation recommendations, along with site structure and redirect mapping.


Monitoring & Process

A variety of extensive checks will be conducted post-launch to ensure everything is working as planned. We can also provide a thorough performance-oriented review of the site once we’ve had enough time to gather sufficient amounts of data.

Website migration case studies

Master jeweller unlocks £1m in monthly revenue

Master jeweller unlocks £1m in monthly revenue



Digital PR, SEO


Fashion, Luxury & Beauty

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Read Full Case Study
Content strategy achieves 2,122% increase in users

Content strategy achieves 2,122% increase in users





B2B, Professional Services

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Read Full Case Study

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