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Using first and third-party data in your digital strategy

    A comprehensive guide to learning how to use first and third-party data in your digital strategy with key tips and advice from Impression’s Strategy & Media Solutions teams.

    Every day we make hundreds of decisions, some are based on instinct or intuition and others on evidence. When it comes to important business decisions, sometimes you can benefit from going with your gut, but more often than not, following a hunch is a risky approach. This is where the importance of marketing insights is paramount. 

    Creating a data-driven marketing strategy based on first and third-party data gives you the knowledge and tools to have a greater understanding and confidence in your decisions. In today’s business environment, we need to be concrete with our facts and ensure that our data is coming from strong, reliable sources so that we can overcome challenges or discover new opportunities that will have a positive impact on your business. By using first and third-party data, you can plan and predict goals that are realistic about what is potentially achievable or sensible for your business.

    Download now to learn:

    • The strengths and weaknesses of first and third-party data
    • How to find reliable data platforms with examples
    • How to develop insights from first and third-party data
    • How to measure insights against your KPI performance
    • Best practices for reliable data tracking in your analytics platform to ensure you have confidence in your first-party data, and much more!

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