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2024 briefing – what you need to know about SEO

10:00am via YouTube

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The rate of technological change is increasing at an unprecedented and staggering pace, and advancements across SEO in 2023 alone mean it’s an industry that’s no exception.

Last year, we witnessed 10 confirmed Google Algorithm Updates, the announcement of their Search Generative Experience (SGE) technology and insights into the inner workings of the Google algorithm. Despite being a lot to keep up with, these advancements are vital as they pave the way for how you leverage SEO as a critical marketing channel in 2024 and beyond.

Sign up for this on-demand webinar briefing to learn about the changing search engine landscape in 2024. In 30 minutes, learn about the latest trends and crucial updates impacting your organic marketing efforts, including:

1. Google’s new INP metric coming in March – what it measures and how to improve it

For marketers who own their website’s performance, learn how INP will replace the FID metric for Google’s core web vitals; this provides a new score to measure and constantly improve. We’ll provide a detailed metric breakdown, how INP differs from FID, and how to improve your website for INP immediately.


2. Preparing your SEO strategy for Google SGE

AI has made massive disruptions to digital, with Bing being the first search engine to incorporate the technology earlier in 2023. Responding proactively to this shift, Google intends to incorporate generative AI into its search results via Search Generative Experience (SGE). Though still in beta, learn how to get the most out of SGE and leverage your content strategy to maximise its potential.


3. How to consider user-signals as part of your SEO strategy

We’ll reflect on the exhibits that surfaced from the US vs. Google antitrust case last year, and how this sheds light on how user signals are utilised in search engines. The details provided are eye-opening, so it’s critical for marketers to be aware as they deploy their SEO plans for 2024.


4. Ways to prepare yourself for the major changes coming to search rankings

Rounding up the theme of change, the webinar concludes with the general sentiment from Google that more major changes are on the horizon. It’s no secret that Google continues doubling down on its helpful content system while rewarding site owners who showcase experience-driven, valuable and user-centric content. Considering this, learn how to future-proof your strategy to ensure long-term SEO success beyond 2024.


Petar Jovetic

Organic Director

Chris Rogers

Senior Technical SEO Specialist

Katie Barnard

SEO Strategist

Ben Garry

SEO Lead

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