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Digital marketing strategy for fashion brands

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The recent closure of bricks and mortar stores across all industries has led to a significant increase in online shopping, and few verticals have been affected by this more than fashion. It is expected that this trend will continue long after stores are allowed to reopen, therefore understanding the challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities present will be crucial to the success of any brand’s online presence.

In this live webinar, we outline some of the changes and challenges that fashion brands are facing before discussing opportunities to take your company’s paid media and SEO strategies to the next level.

You’ll learn about:

1. Expanding shopping campaigns to boost high-intent non-branded traffic
2. Utilising dynamic retargeting to get returning users over the line
3. Developing an integrated multi-channel strategy to target users at every stage of the funnel
4. Bringing the in-store experience online
5. Capitalising on fluctuating search trends
6. Standing out in a crowded marketplace

Expect to leave with actionable steps to take to increase your brand’s online presence as well as some longer-term strategic considerations which will tie in with your wider digital strategy!

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