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Micro Content

Invest in smaller scale content as part of larger promotional strategies

Micro content refers to the creation of smaller scale content marketing projects which make up part of a larger scale strategy.

How is micro content used?

Here are some of the ways micro content can be used:

Social Media Content

Social media is full of images, videos and text based updates. Micro-content is a great way to create really engaging posts which appeal to your target market. It goes beyond simple images and updates and into the realms of something truly sharable.

Marketing Assets

You might not need a large scale content marketing piece to explain your business to potential customers. But micro-content can be a great way to communicate smaller elements of your business, such as key products or services.

Press Releases

Members of the media receive press releases all day, every day. You can help your press releases to stand out with the clever application of micro-content. Some ideas are better explained with images or video. Get your message across with micro-content.

Campaign Marketing

Savvy marketers recognise that campaign marketing provides a much stronger return on investment than marketing techniques that don’t share a common goal. Our clients benefit from campaign marketing strategies which incorporate micro-content alongside other techniques.

What is Micro content?

The benefit of micro content is that it doesn’t cost as much in terms of resource or finances.

Of course, it’s important to recognise that large scale content marketing pieces can be hugely powerful, so micro-content should be a supplement, not a replacement.

Micro content is a relatively new term for something that has actually existed for years. Whenever you see small pieces of content – interesting graphics, bite-sized recipes, sections of larger pieces – that’s micro-content. The success of micro-content is very much dependent on the strategy behind it.

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