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What’s New in SEO and Social Media?

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

As a team, we’re open about the fact that we’re pretty nerdy. We love what we do and we talk about it a lot. Which means any time there’s an update to the algorithm, a change to the way Google is working, a new technology or a new technique to try, we know about it.

That’s why we hold regular events where we welcome marketers and leaders from a wide range of businesses to join us for breakfast and a seminar where we review what’s new.

Our most recent event was held today and featured talks from our very own Adam Bly, and our partner Mark Saxby, director of Status Social. You can view Adam’s slides below:

So… what is new in SEO?

The biggest change in SEO since our last ‘What’s New’ event was the Medic algorithm update, affecting Your Money or Your Life websites.

The key takeaway here is that EAT (expertise, authority and trust) are essential especially for those businesses which sell something within the YMYL category (so finance, insurance etc). Focus on improving the EAT factors of your website by investing in great quality content and ensuring you’re best placed to answer the user’s query.

Savvy marketers will also be thinking much more about user experience in 2019. We know that Google is able to understand website experience more than ever before so it’s never been more important to deliver a great experience to your audience. Consider technical excellence, load speeds, responsive usability (mobile friendly etc) and continual user testing and CRO to improve your own site.

What’s new in social media?

Mark Saxby shared his tips and advice with us from the world of social media.

On Facebook, the biggest update is the merger coming between Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger by the end of 2019 – look out for more opportunities to target your audience through Facebook thanks to this update.

Over on Instagram, countdown stickers are new for Stories and are a great way of reaching your target audience. Stories, says Mark, are very much underused, but he believes they are a great way to engage an audience. The introduction of the ‘message’ button also makes it easier for people to contact your business via Instagram – be sure to update your Insta bio to make more of the new UI.

Twitter is struggling, according to Mark, with users becoming less and less engaged. Look out for user testing happening publicly across the platform.

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