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Adam Bly

Head of Growth. Joined Impression in 2017.

I worked with Impression when in a previous in-house role before going on to work for them. I joined the team in 2017, helping to grow the agency and bring new clients and board. My previous in-house experience allows me to see things from the client’s perspective.

Typically, I spend my days on the phone to new and prospective clients, understanding their needs and discussing strategies to help their business grow. Alongside this, I focus a lot on our internal processes, trying to find ways to improve the way that we work.

Something that I’m really proud of:
I once donated stem cells.

Outside of work:
I like to watch sports. I like to go to gigs. I like to wander around art galleries. I like to watch Rick and Morty. I like to stare at starry skies.

Adam Bly has specialist knowledge in Digital Marketing Strategy.